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Dear Members,

We are writing to update you on the results of our recent bargaining survey and to inform you about our upcoming negotiations with the employer.

First, we want to extend our gratitude to everyone who participated in the survey. Your input is invaluable as we prepare for the bargaining process. The survey results have provided us with a clear understanding of your priorities and concerns. Here are some key findings:

We had a total of 213 surveys completed.

  • 26.76% of those who responded are TRADES
  • 64.78% of those who responded are CARETAKER & CUSTODIAN
  • 2.35% of those who responded are GROUNDS WORKER & GROUNDSKEEPER
  • 0.94% of those who responded are PARKING BY-LAW
  • 5.16% NO ANSWER
  • 91.08% of those who responded are FULL-TIME
  • 3.96% of those who responded are PART-TIME, CASUAL, or TERM

Other than wages, you ranked the following 4 items from most concerning to least concerning.

  1. 48.88% ending the two-tier wage for caretakers & custodians
  2. 37.64% ending the contracting out of custodial & maintenance work
  3. 7.30% improvement to health benefits
  4. 6.18% healthier workload

The low wages and higher cost of living has had a negative effect on members and their families.

  1. 70.72% have had to stop putting money aside from savings or have had to drain savings to make ends meet.
  2. 64.64% have struggled to pay monthly bills(rent/mortgage, heat, hydro)
  3. 41.99% report suffering from poor health, including mental health
  4. 39.23% have been late paying bills

We will use these insights to guide our bargaining strategy. Our goal is to secure a fair and equitable contract that addresses these key areas and meets the needs of our diverse membership. Wages are the top priority!!

Next Steps:
We have formally notified the employer of our intent to begin negotiations. Below is a copy of the notice to bargain letter sent to the employer.
Letter L229 Queens NTB Disclosure Request May 22 2024.pdf

We will keep you informed throughout the bargaining process and encourage you to stay engaged. Your continued support and participation are crucial to our success.

Also a quick reminder to sign the Majority Petition if you haven’t already. We only need less than 100 member signatures to reach 100% full majority!! You may also have a member of our Contract Action Team approach you in the coming weeks and months to talk about bargaining and to hear your stories of how low wages and short staffing are affecting you.

Thank you once again contributions and dedication.

In solidarity,
CUPE 229-0 Bargaining Committee

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